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Bespoke products are custom made products that is made to measure where you need it for, personalized for how you want to use it and finished to suit your interiors. While mass produced products are often the go to option for most business owners that believe it is budget friendly, bespoke furniture  done right can provide more value for money , make the most out of your space and can be tailored to fit your budget too.
Bespoke  can come in varied forms. You are surrounded with bespoke in your everyday life more than you realize. It could be your doors, a wall panel, furniture, kitchen counters and probably your ceiling too.  If you are looking for something that precisely suits your needs and delivers that Wow factor creating a lasting impact on your customers – Bespoke can be the right fit for you. Below are the key reasons why you would opt for Bespoke…

If you are looking at making most of those awkward and otherwise dead spaces, this can work as a space saving solution for you instead of you having to make do with mass produced items.  As these are made to measure and is designed to suit your needs and serve your requirements too. For instance, this conference room features a wood veneered wall panel with an integrated audio-visual facility along with a tapered table that fits flushed power management modules. The built-in storage along with panelled back painted glass to use as white boards is both functional and promotes an aesthetic appeal to the conference room. 


When it comes to choosing materials and finishes, you have full control over what kind of materials your business wants to go with whether sustainable or ethical. When it comes to visual branding, getting the right colours and finishes can help in creating how you want your client to perceive you as. Material & Finishes can truly make or break a space.  Some of the main things to consider is colour, texture, cost, durability comfort & safety. Understanding how the space is going to be used helps you choose the right materials and finishes. For instance, a high traffic area will need upholstery that is stain resistant and easy to maintain. Aspects such as choosing materials that are fire resistant, anti – microbial is often non negotiable when it comes to using it in public spaces. 
Materials & Finishes can promote your branding, help in creating a safe environment all while being aesthetically pleasing to your interiors. 
Finding a mass-produced item that ticks all the boxes can be really tasking, hence going the bespoke route is always recommended to ensure top quality.

Having full control over choosing your materials can mean you are able to achieve interiors that is built to last by ensuring top quality work by skilled artisans. Meanwhile, choosing a cheaper, mass-produced piece will likely end up with you having to replace it after just a couple of years.


Bespoke Interiors can help in achieving unique and personalised solutions for your space combined with expertise space planning. Every space has its own pros and cons, and bespoke interiors can help in making the most of your space. 
For instance, in the below picture a circular floating desk is built around the pillars that will be great for quick catch up on emails in a breakout area. The installation on the pillar is unique and personalised for this given space instead of adding store bought planters that take up floor space. Also, isn’t that quite a common sight when it comes to businesses incorporating some green therapy into their office.


For key client facing areas such as the reception, breakout areas, meeting & conference rooms, creating a space that can leave a lasting impact is what the “wow factor” is all about. Bespoke Interiors helps you achieve this which can seem impossible to achieve in a mass-produced product. When it comes to impressing your clients, attention to detail can really work well especially with things  like selecting the right hardware and ambient lighting..

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There are several aspects that can help in making bespoke interiors work for you, feel free to drop us a line at or call us at 01482 878737 to discuss your office design requirements.

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