Breakout Spaces are primarily used by employees that want to get away from their desks which means this space is used to relax, have lunch and have some creative collaboration. A well – designed and well-equipped breakout space is the key to influence employee well being and productivity during their time away from the formal office setting.  Here is how you make sure your office breakout space is successful in serving its purpose   –

While deciding on a seating layout for your space, the key aspect that makes this successful is the variety of seating options you can offer your employees.  This could range from having secluded high back chairs with laptop tables for them to enjoy a cuppa in private, to large communal tables that encourage creative collaborations. You also might want to consider having some booths with privacy screens to hold informal meetings with your potential clients in an informal setting. The more options you have with respect to different height tables and seating arrangements , the more you let your employees  make full use of the breakout space.

If you want to promote informal meetings and collaborations, your breakout space should be well equipped with regards to technology. Have screens on a wall viewed from majority of the room to serve during informal trainings. At other times, this can also be an outlet to feature your brand. Make sure there are enough power sockets close to your seating arrangements. You might also want to consider having easily accessible on surface power modules for free standing use like the one we suggest below –

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While productivity even with being away from the desk can easily be achieved, it is important to create a comfortable environment.  Be mindful of the fact that employees use this place to relax and often the ambience helps in getting rid of anxiety. While your employees are relaxed, it promotes easier conversation and lets them be more creative. Consider speakers for soft music to create a café ambience or provision of appropriate utilities like an in-house barista too.


In reference to comfort and relaxation, you might quickly realize this is a multipurpose room and designing this can get extremely tricky.  Here is when most people consider getting professional help. Having a café ambience is great but you would need to have enough natural light or adequate task lights for employees to work if they need to. Having an open plan space will also need acoustics to avoid noise related stress and concentration difficulties. This can be achieved in multiple ways by cleverly introducing sound absorbing materials throughout the space.


Similarly, a resource library for your business can prove beneficial in creating assets and growing your employees’ scope of knowledge that in return helps in better brainstorm sessions. At our office, we have an exhaustive resource library for various products and materials that is updated regularly for our designers to specify the right design solutions for our clients. You can create a personalized resource library for your business depending on the type of industry you are in. This kind of activity too requires proper acoustics in place to maintain concentration along with technology and appropriate seating configuration. 

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There are several aspects that can affect in making your breakout space work for you. If you’re considering having a space that can help influence your employees productivity and wellbeing  , feel free to drop us a line at or call us at 01482 878737to discuss your office design requirements.