Never underestimate the impact a good reception design can have on your clients, visitors and employees.  The reception is your chance to make the right impression by telling your brand story and introducing your office culture to your potential clients. Thoughtful seating is an integral part of any reception area that contributes to letting your visitor/ client sit comfortably and wait until you are ready to see them. This not only makes them feel more welcome but can also keep them engaged if done the right way.  Over the years, more offices have shifted their approach towards using this space to enhance their corporate identity. Here is how you can do too –  

Before you go around finalizing the type of seating you want your reception to include , you need to start with understanding the space plan for your reception area. Is it welcoming enough? Another thing to consider is how many people usually visit your office and having enough seating to accommodate visitors. In contrary you also need to be mindful of keeping it accessible and allow for adequate flow of traffic.  If you have a dedicated seating area, a sign placed around the reception room pointing them towards the waiting room is recommended. 

Even with space optimization, one must be mindful to hold the customers attention while seating and waiting for you to attend to them. If you have a magazine feature of your company, why not keep it near a magazine rack side of your seating or on the coffee table where customer’s can flip through it. Alternatively, you can also show off any awards or accreditations or showcase what you sell by strategically placing them near your seating areas. 

In extension to designing a clever space plan, an important way of making good use of the space is transforming it into a meet and great space. A reception is usually the initial professional point of contact and is often used for quick informal discussions. Choosing your seating in a way you enable such informal meetings, letting your client slowly absorb what you have in store before moving into a much formal setting helps break the ice and make the client more comfortable.

Colour plays an important role in visual branding. This could be achieved by choosing upholstery that matches your brand or compliments the brand colour. Alternatively, choosing colours depending on the way you want your visitors to perceive you can also prove beneficial with the help of colour psychology. For instance, blue symbolizes trust and is associated with depth and stability. This colour is often spotted in service or finance related companies. 

Anticimex Office in Stockholm.

Receptions are heavy traffic areas that see serious stains and wear over time. Be mindful in choosing an office seating that is resistant to heavy traffic – in other words, easy to clean and maintain. For example – a fabric with a higher thread count – i.e. the number of threads per square inch of fabric lasts longer. Similarly, Microfiber is one of the most durable fabrics if 100% polyester, besides leather. 
Also, important to consider, is the placement of your seating while looking for durability. If the area has abundant natural light you might want to keep the seating arrangement away from the windows to avoid fading. 

Seating is only a small but important part of designing a thoughtful reception space and enhancing client experience including visitor management systems, and brand placements.  The office reception acts like the face of your brand and can play a major role in winning or losing your potential clients. 
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