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An open plan office is cost – effective and can significantly make your space look more spacious, creative and promote your office culture. Although, if not adapted into what your business needs this option can get noisy, distractive and ultimately increase stress and affect overall productivity. While most businesses either opt for the open plan or the cubicle workplace, it is now possible to elegantly break up your space. This kind of design approach is widely known as the “hybrid workplace design”. This not only lets you accommodate semi – private, or confidential rooms around your workspace but also cleverly zone out your space. Afterall, if the major portion of your business operating costs goes into employee salaries and benefits, anything affecting their productivity will be a major concern for any business owner. Here are a few ways you can elegantly break up your open plan office and have the best of both worlds.


The biggest advantage of having these, is the accessibility and flexibility of having collaborative sessions with your team. Since it is portable that means it can be moved, re-positioned or re-used to suit changing needs. Its combination of high-quality glass and soft acoustic panelling delivers both a refined aesthetic and a high level of insulation and speech privacy. This solves the popular problem that most open plan offices face and that is the lack of privacy for confidential meetings. In big offices, usually the conference room is away or always booked to serve for a larger number and longer meetings. A freestanding meeting room that enables you to minimalize the hassle of building partitions, providing necessary lighting and privacy for those internal team meetings can work wonders.


Free standing acoustic panels can be considered over standard office partitions as they can easily be moved, reused and aim to solve two purposes – a visual barrier and a noise reduction panel. The fabric can be customized to suit your office branding too! Acoustic panels absorb unwanted sounds that decrease distraction, resulting in improved productivity. This can be a good option to consider if you have semi confidential collaborative spaces right beside your workstations


Plant installations in your office can prove to be more beneficial than just improving your office aesthetics. They are cost – effective and can also help in improving air quality with the right kind of indoor plants. Choosing tall plants can also significantly reduce distraction by acting as a visual barrier. While taking care of these can be a challenge but all the benefits are only achieved through real plants. Besides, it can also be outsourced to a commercial interior company with adequate knowledge of biophilic design that can help you choose the right plants and help you maintain it for an agreed cost.

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Storage walls are basically double duty walls. If your office deals with a lot of paperwork and the storage is never enough making the office always cluttered, try incorporating storage walls.  These help in keeping your space visually appealing and provide adequate storage throughout your space. Although storage solutions do not have to be dull and can be creative just like these modular cubed storage wall that serves as a semi -green wall too. Alternatively, one could also add a half height storage cupboard and have the cubed storage above it depending on what kind of storage you are looking for in a given space.


While choosing to go for semi-private collaborative spaces around your workspace. Consider having high back seating arrangements to avoid distractions. Alternatively, you could also go for an enclosed booth system like the one shown below. This can also accommodate a meeting table with power/data capability and with a large format monitor mounted onto the fixed upholstered panel. These full upholstered sofa clusters also create an opportunity to visually enrich the space through the help of right textures and colours. They not only help in creating a contemporary twist to your meeting sessions but also help with avoiding distractions due to its high back and enclosed feature.

If you are still considering full height partitions for breaking out your spaces, consider having it panelled with customizable back painted glass especially in spaces that need white boards. Back painted glass can be cut in any shape and personalized to a colour for visual branding throughout your workspace.  Unlike a whiteboard, this does not stain and lasts much longer. Having these in communal focus areas can let your employees unlock their creativity by coming back to this space, re-arranging, and extending data  and insights and updating on progress with regards to important or large scale projects.

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Curtain walls can be a great choice as a moveable partition for your office especially as a cost-effective option since it is cheaper than a full-size wall. Additionally, curtain dividers are extremely thin and can save more floorspace. Also, it being flexible in its usage makes it easier to operate non-standardized rooms like incorporating a circular or an oblong shaped room in your floorplan. 
Another reason this is extremely popular in offices that are rented out is that it does not require building permissions and is easy to install and take down without generating excess debris or noise. 

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There are several aspects that can affect in how you choose to elegantly break up an open plan office depending on your requirements. If you’re considering having a space that can help influence your employees productivity with a dynamic workplace setting  , feel free to drop us a line at or call us at 01482 878737 to discuss your office design requirements.