Space planning can play a major role in affecting your workplace synergy. But what does workplace synergy really mean?  You might be aware of the benefits of cross pollination of ideas in business, where you bring people from diverse skill sets, allowing their knowledge and experience to boost productivity and get significant results. Synergy is nothing but the emphasis on pushing towards teamwork to achieve collaborative results. But teamwork needs clear communication and committed individuals…a clever space plan helps you build a platform to encourage maximum synergy.  Here is how –   

The most common way of maximising productivity is to strategically zone your teams, especially in an open floor plan. Consider which departments work closely together, and which departments need to be away from each other to avoid distractions. You might also want to consider which teams need more privacy considering on the type of work they do. Analyse what kind of tech support each team needs and transform these spaces to be strategically optimal.

In extension to team zoning, there has been an emergence of hybrid working spaces that calls for strategically placing collaborative spaces around the working space. One of the reasons employees feel that the office space does not have enough meeting rooms, is the lack of third spaces around the office that help in getting done with quick team meetings and catch ups throughout the week. This method communication within teams massively without wasting a lot of time in meetings. This can easily be achieved with using the right materials for acoustics in an open plan office and creating clever partitions to zone out individual focus areas and collab spaces around the workstations.


While accommodating collaborative spaces around your workspace, you must be mindful of allotting a dedicated space to brainstorm. These communal focus areas are widely known as conference or meeting rooms. Although, a dedicated communal focus area for internal meetings can leave room for adding in a communal wall space that lets everyone unlock their creative insights by displaying, rearranging or extending ideas, data and update on progress. 
This often lets you have a holistic approach towards the issues you want to get fixed.

Workplace Cafes have proved to be a millennial magnet in offices. Besides, a café ambience or a breakout space where co-workers hang-out and spend time relaxing has a much more informal setting as compared to the main workspace areas. Designing your office canteen to be a hub for cross pollinating ideas can help avoid burn outs and keep the employees be in a better mood to stay productive. By giving a sense of flexibility and freedom, the employees find it easy to socialize and are convey their ideas more effectively. 

Another important aspect of designing a breakout space or a workplace café, one has to be mindful of accommodating different types of seating arrangements to accommodate a one on one session as well as a large team meet, and considering the type of activities you want your employees to engage in. 

There are several space planning aspects that can affect workplace productivity and ultimately your overall office culture. If you’re considering to re- design your office to improve your workplace synergy , feel free to drop us a line at or call us at 01482 878737 to discuss your office design requirements.