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Expenditure Audit

D3’s Expenditure Audit is a no-obligation, free of charge audit of your business administration expenses

We will carry out thorough analysis of your indirect business purchases, identifying areas where cost savings can be made and putting together a proposal that usually not only saves money but also time administering non-essential purchases.

While indirect expenditure may not account for a large percentage of business cost, it can often take up a lot of administration time handling the purchases and invoices of multiple small value transactions.


Save Money
Our team are experts in the business supplies market. We really do know which items generate the best value for our clients and can help you make a discerning choice between a bewilderingly large range of products.       

Save Time
Our expenditure reports allow you to see at a glance how much has been spent by product sector, location address, user or cost centre saving large amounts of time in planning and reporting.
Our back-office and website systems operate seamlessly together to provide a terrific user experience that saves time in placing orders and looking back over previous orders placed.

Reduce Suppliers
By consolidating suppliers across in office supplies, workwear, PPE, furniture and print you can save time and cost of handling multiple supplier transactions, becoming a larger customer and commanding improved discounts

Reduce Carbon Footprint
D3 can assist you on your journey to reduce your carbon footprint. We can not only advise on “green” products within our range but also facilitate lean operating procedures delivering goods on specific days and cutting back on journey times.

D3 has reduced its own reduction carbon footprint, details of our journey can be found here

How the audit works

  1. We visit and discuss your requirements
  2. We audit and record your expenditure
  3. We analyse the expenditure, cross referencing against our extensive product portfolio
  4. We propose and recommend changes to products at purchase methods that will save you money

Quality Products, Quality Service

We have been in business over 30 years and know that reputation is earned. All our products are from reputable suppliers with product data sheets and certification available to view