Establishing an Efficient Home Office

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While working from home has its own perks, in order to work effeciently you need to be able to separate your business environment from your home and personal life.  Having a flexibile working system along with saving time and energy eliminates the daily commute.However, it doesn’t take much to let work creep up and  the anxiety to kick in. Creating clear boundaries between home and work life will help you remain productive and maintain your well being. Below is a few essential aspects you might want to consider while establing as efficient work space. 

Setting Up a Dedicated Area to Work

The first step while setting up your home office is choosing the right area to work. This could be a specific room you can make do as your home office or a corner of a room with a desk Your work productivity will highly rely on the space you work in. Hence, this space needs to be away from high traffic areas helping you focus better. Be mindful of noise as that can be a major distraction while working from home. Choosing a space with abundant natural light helps you stay refreshed with little glimpses of the outside too. It is beneficial to keep a desk facing your window to avoid the glare.


 If you don’t have the luxury of having enough natural light, consider a lampshade that bounces off the light on the wall and the ceiling , giving a soft glow bright enough for you to carry out your work .  Additional lighting should be considered especially for the darker hours of the day. Keep it indirect. The goal is to light up the entire space without casting shadows.

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Consider Ergonomics 
If you’re not working from home at an office desk, you are probably working on the sofa, at the dining table or at the coffee table. In that case, you might have found yourself slouching more resulting in constant back ache.  Investing in a proper office desk  can keep you stay organized with a dedicated workspace to work from. Likewise, opting for a sit/stand desk can help you stay active and improve mood and energy levels.   

After having invested in a desk that works for you, sitting on a dining chair will still make you slouch. Dining chairs aren’t designed for an office environment that requires you to sit for longer periods of time.  Particularly, dining chairs  don’t have the lumbar support that an ergonomic office chair does.   Investing in an ergonomic chair will help with maintaining your well being and posture while working resulting in helping you be more efficient.

While considering options for storage it is essential to consider filing systems that is both convenient and practical. You want to ensure the storage system also has an anti – tilt mechanism for safety purposes. 

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Office Supplies
While working from home doesn’t have the benefits of limitless office supplies,  you would atleast have the bare minium at hand to help you stay organized. Investing in a desk organizer to not let your workspace get cluttered over time will keep your space tidy and promote productivit and save time searching them when needed.

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Working from home can seem relaxed and flexible but it can quite easily creep up too.  Maintaining a strict balance between work and personal life will help you stay focused and productive when needed. It’s best to set fixed work hours just like you would normally and have evening routine to unwind the day.  

There are several little aspects of making your workspace help you get more efficient.  If you are looking for work from office solutions , feel free to drop us a line at call us at 01482 878737 to discuss your office design requirements.

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