Communal Desking Designs are extremely popular with businesses that have a focused team of remote workers like salespeople and account managers that mostly are on the field doing what they do best. However, they might also have certain tasks that they carry out whenever they are in the office These types of communal desking are also known as hot desks. Ideally suitable when employees do not need a specific desk. This also works best in a co-working office setting and helps to encourage a social culture that  increases effective communications when designed to meet team requirements. Here are a few aspects to keep in mind while opting for communal desking designs – 


While opting a communal desking solution for your inhouse team, be mindful of ergonomics. Consider going for a height adjustable desking solution which can give the team the option to sit or stand depending on their needs. This solution not only boosts productivity but also helps in the wellbeing of your employees

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For remote workers that typically work on laptops, communal desking can easily be combined with the space designed to be used for team catch-ups and project briefs. For this to be a success, you need to consider providing enough power for them to use along with necessary technology like a display screen for presentations.
As these types of desks aren’t usually used for a longer period of time, having bar height tables can create the right ambience and setting to encourage a much relaxed conversation when they catch up.

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If you are running short on floor space and cannot accommodate for a separate hot desk area for your remote workers. A similar setting like in the above picture above could help in getting your employees to sit down and carry out their tasks when needed. This can also be used to have quick one on one catch ups while carrying out a given task. Having a floating desk like orientation in your passage area, enables you to put those stools underneath when not in use.

Communal Desking can free up space for adding those extra spaces your office really needs by strategically working on your desking orientation. It is important to have clarity on how these communal desks are going to be used at any given time and make adequate arrangements for the same. 

If you do not have a dedicated space for communal desking, you can always combine it with clever design solutions that meet your needs.

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